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Management and leadership

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Quality management systems (QMSs) come in all shapes and sizes and, whilst the most recognisable framework is the ISO 9001:2015 standard, any QMS needs the same core elements to be truly effective and deliver not just quality assurance and control but tangible business growth.

In this series of blogs, we look at the top five attributes of effective quality management systems and we start with the keystone of any management system – management leadership and commitment.

Customer value

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When a Japanese train departed 25 seconds early last week, the rail company immediately issued an unreserved apology: ' the great inconvenience we placed upon our customers was truly inexcusable'. As would be expected, social media lapped this up and mocked the poor levels of services Japanese commuters are having to tolerate!

Process map

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Process mapping is the absolute cornerstone of any business improvement initiative. Identifying process improvements without a visual representation of the process as it stands is almost impossible, and I haven’t found a better tool than a well created process map.

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Replacing over 20 national health and safety standards, and following several years of development, the long-awaited release of ISO 45001:2018 on March 12, 2018 provides the first globally recognised standard for health and safety management systems. But what is all the fuss about?


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Human beings love to communicate. Communication will always be one of the most crucial aspects of business management, and one of the foundations for sustainable success. Whilst technology has undoubtedly made it easier for us to communicate, it has also created an increasing number of pitfalls, and has become both the hero and villain of effective internal communication.

Business excellence

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Most SMEs these days have a quality department, or at least have a quality manager, and can demonstrate to some extent that they have some processes in place to ‘guarantee quality’. However, if the company’s culture is that quality, and more importantly continuous improvement, reside with the quality team…

Wrong direction

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The very word conflict immediately conjures negative images. Indeed, poorly managed conflict, is undoubtedly unhealthy and will ultimately be detrimental to a company's performance however avoiding conflict altogether can arguably be just as harmful.

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