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Supply management deal

Posted in Supply Chain

Suppliers are often cited as one of the main causes for failing to meet client deliverables, and whilst this may sometimes be true, the inconvenient truth is that the root cause is almost always a failure in supplier management. Companies often focus on nurturing the customer relationship, but the supplier relationship is just as crucial.


Posted in Change Management

People’s inherent resistance to change continues to be one of the most challenging aspects of management, whether you are part of a large multinational or a regionally focussed SME, and is one of the most researched and theorised management topics around. Yet, despite all the focus, McKinsey and Company report around 70% of significant change programmes still fail to meet their objectives.

Business excellence

Posted in General

Most SMEs these days have a quality department, or at least have a quality manager, and can demonstrate to some extent that they have some processes in place to ‘guarantee quality’. However, if the company’s culture is that quality, and more importantly continuous improvement, reside with the quality team…

Wrong direction

Posted in General

The very word conflict immediately conjures negative images. Indeed, poorly managed conflict, is undoubtedly unhealthy and will ultimately be detrimental to a company's performance however avoiding conflict altogether can arguably be just as harmful.

ISO 9001

Posted in General

‘ISO 9001 is a tick box exercise’ For many, the very mention of ISO 9001 conjures images of red tape, tick box exercises and a high maintenance system that slows down getting on with the job. It’s seen as a sales tool, a certificate to wave at prospective clients and…

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