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Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

We work with clients to reduce costs and increasing profitability by providing unbiased, critical and constructive assessment of all aspects of a business expenditure whilst ensuring quality of service is not compromised.

By fully engaging with your team and not just undertaking a desk top review, we will help you gain control of your expenditure, identify opportunities to reduce costs, put strategies and tools in place to realise sustainable savings and ultimately increase your company profitability.

Our cost reduction consultants draw upon a wealth of operational and supply chain management experience to help identify the areas with the greatest ROI, specialising in:

  • Supplier management
  • Project cost management
  • Cost centre analysis – overheads
  • Process efficiencies
  • Value management.


Using our free consultation service, our team will work with you to understand the organisation’s overriding objectives and identify the appropriate areas of focus for our cost reduction services.

Sustainable cost savings can only be achieved if the right tools are in place to capture and monitor the data required to make informed strategic decisions. By helping you put these tools in place from the very outset, you can be assured that the initiatives our consultants put forward will provide real, tangible and measurable results.

We will undertake a full review of the areas of focus, providing a detailed analysis and recommendation report. We are passionate about both the quality of consultation we provide and the quality of service you provide, and as such the initiatives we put forward will never be a sacrifice for your customer experience.

If we cannot provide your business with cost saving initiatives, our services will be free of charge.


We offer a range of services that extend beyond the initial analysis through to implementation and savings realisation depending on your business needs. By engaging with us to implement the initiatives you can be assured of a consistent vision from conception to realisation and ensure focus can remain without detracting from your business as usual activities. We are so confident in the services we provide that we can tailor our packages to absorb the risk of initiative failure by linking our fees directly to successful cost savings.

The advantages of working with Executive Compass

  • Our team will work alongside your existing resource to ensure the solution not only fits your business but adds value in the process.
  • You will receive an honest and open assessment of your needs and we will only provide only where the need exists.
  • All work we undertake on your behalf will be internally check and verified a member of our experienced team.
  • You will be left with the skills, knowledge and understanding to continue to manage systems once our engagement is complete.

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