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Process Mapping

Process Mapping

The Executive Compass® process mapping services cover the full range of process documentation (process maps templates, checklists, document registers) from initial creation, deployment and updates through to improvement workshops and full value stream mapping.

Having well defined and easy to follow processes which are understood throughout the business by all of those involved is often the first and most fundamental stage of any process improvement activity, yet is one of the most commonly overlooked and ignored. Effective and efficient processes need to be easy to follow, easy to communicate and easy to document.

Our services

All our services begin with a free half day consultation to provide you with the opportunity to meet key members of our team and help us understand the needs of your business in order to provide a service offering specific to your needs.

Our team have extensive experience of developing process maps for a wide range of services including sales, engineering, product development, project management, production, quality management and health and safety systems. Your process maps can be developed for isolated processes to aid training, induction and communication for integrated management systems as an overall solution to process management or as part of a targeted cost reduction exercise in order to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Our team will work with the process owners and delivery team to map the ‘as is’ process before leading workshops to identify, investigate and implement improvement opportunities as necessary. The process mapping can be undertaken in a range of software including Visio, yEd, and Word to suit your requirements, and training will be offered to ensure the processes can be internally managed once our engagement is complete.



Process maps are not simply about presenting a ‘picture’ of the business processes. They are often the first and most critical step in understanding and identifying areas of waste and inefficiencies. Poorly constructed process maps, lacking in a single vision, missing process responsibilities or not reflecting the ‘actual’ situation can further contribute to poor performance and employee buy in, and as such we offer expert support in creating and implementing business process maps that add value to an organisation and increase employee participation.

By working closely with staff to develop the picture of the business processes as they stand, we can help identify the interactions between processes, the critical control stages, and the sources of problems and inefficiencies, and develop an improvement plan to identify short, medium and long term sustainable business process improvements.

The advantages of working with Executive Compass

  • Our team will work alongside your existing resource to ensure the solution not only fits your business but adds value in the process.
  • You will receive an honest and open assessment of your needs and we will only provide only where the need exists.
  • All work we undertake on your behalf will be internally check and verified a member of our experienced team.
  • You will be left with the skills, knowledge and understanding to continue to manage systems once our engagement is complete.

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