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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Executive Compass® provide a complete list of services to support the supply chain needs of SMEs across a wide range of industries

Effective supply chain management (SCM) requires a conscious, proactive approach to managing physical and information flow through the entire business process across each element to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage. Supply chain covers everything from product development, production and procurement through to the packing, and includes all information systems required to coordinate them. While many successful businesses can operate functionally and operate in silos, in order to truly recognise a competitive advantage through SCM, a business must manage across these functions and break down the barriers between silos.

With so many opportunities within the supply chain to add value through efficiencies, effective SCM can increase revenue, decrease costs and directly impact on a company’s profitability.

Executive Compass provide expert support to organisations of all sizes in implementing and managing effective SCM.

We achieve this through working with companies to ensure the critical aspects of SCM are appropriately designed, implemented and managed, focussing on having the right information readily available so informed and joined up decisions can be made, efficient processes are in place minimising waste streams, and performance can be appropriately monitored.  Our tailored SCM services cover:

  • Sales and operational planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Operations management
  • Supplier management
  • Value stream mapping
  • Performance measurement.

Sales and operations planning (S&OP)

Sales and Operations planning is the strategic planning function where existing and potential demand is evaluated to ensure sufficient resources are available across all functions to deliver forecasted demand for products and services over a rolling 12-month period.

Executive Compass consultants will work with you to develop an appropriate forum, content and delivery method to implement an effective S&OP approach which will underpin supply chain planning to deliver increased profitability.

Capacity management

Capacity management at its simplest is the management of resources against demand, and at its most complex can include the integration of business systems into a bespoke ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. Ensuring an effective process is in place to identify, manage and allocate capacity is a fundamental step in developing an efficient business and maximising profitability.

Our experienced consultants can support your business, developing the right tools to effectively manage capacity whether that be ensuring internal tools are appropriate and deployed effectively or assisting in specifying and implementing an ERP system.

Operations management

Executive Compass consultants can support you with all aspects of operational management whether your company is a service provider or production facility. Our support is bespoke to your requirements and designed to deliver increased profitability through operational excellence and efficiency.

Our operational services include lean processes, quality management systems, process mapping, supplier management, value stream mapping and KPI development.

Supplier management

Outsourced costs are typically the largest single factor in a company’s cost base and also one of the largest risks to quality. Many supplier management initiatives fail to deliver on improved profitability as they fail to appreciate one or more of the critical aspects of supplier management.

  • Identification of requirements: identifying the specification, QA aspects, demand levels etc.
  • Long term strategic objectives: identifying the right type of contract for each supplier, identifying long term demand requirements, standardisation, stock holding etc.
  • Market forces: competition levels, pricing levels, capacity restrictions etc.
  • Risk management: single sourcing strategies, accessibility, intellectual property protection, competition etc.
  • Supplier evaluation: suitability, risk, capacity, capability, qualifications
  • Negotiation: pricing agreements, bulk discounts, liquidated damages etc.
  • Supplier performance management: audits, service level agreements, key performance indicators, defect management, improvement plans

Our experienced supply chain consultants will support you in designing and delivering systems and processes to optimise your procurement activities and maximise the value of your suppliers.

Value stream mapping

Value stream maps are not simply about presenting a ‘picture’ of the business processes, they are often the first and most critical step in understanding and identifying areas of waste and inefficiencies.

By offering expert support in creating and implementing value stream maps that identify non-value-adding steps in the supply chain, and by working closely with staff to develop these maps, we will identify the sources of problems and inefficiencies and develop an improvement plan to identify short, medium and long term sustainable supply chain process improvements.

Performance measurement

Operational performance measurement through critical success factors (CSF) and key performance indicators (KPI) allows a business to benchmark, assess and monitor performance and identify improvement targets. Without well designed KPIs and appropriate methods to collect, collate and analyse performance data, it is impossible for an organisation to confidently develop and deploy improvement initiatives.

Executive Compass will work with your organisation to identify critical success factors, select effective KPIs and develop a suite of performance management tools to ensure appropriate data and context are available so that performance improvements can be targeted.

The advantages of working with Executive Compass

  • Our team will work alongside your existing resource to ensure the solution not only fits your business but adds value in the process.
  • You will receive an honest and open assessment of your needs and we will only provide only where the need exists.
  • All work we undertake on your behalf will be internally check and verified a member of our experienced team.
  • You will be left with the skills, knowledge and understanding to continue to manage systems once our engagement is complete.

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