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Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems

Executive Compass® provide a full range of services to support all sizes of businesses in implementing, improving or transitioning their quality management system (QMS) in line with the globally recognised ISO 9001 standard.

QMS services

We offer expertise in the design, development and implementation of management systems to recognised national and international management system standards, and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver systems that are not simply ‘out of the box’ but relevant to the needs of your business.

All our services begin with a free consultation to give you the opportunity to meet key members of our team and help us understand the needs of your business in order to provide a solution specific to your needs.

The support we provide can vary depending on the resource, experience and skillset existing within the client team and can range from full design and implementation, project management and internal audits through to system process mapping and policy and procedure writing.

Once we establish the type and extent of support needed, if required, we would arrange to undertake a more in-depth assessment of the current status of systems to provide a detailed proposal for delivery. The length and cost of the assessment would depend on the size of your organisation and the nature pf the support required.


Our appointed consultants will work with your team to develop the required systems and processes, and support implementation through appropriate mentoring and communication sessions. Delivery can be structured to suit the required timescales and available resources through a blend of onsite presence and offsite development to ensure maximum impact with minimum disruption to business as usual.

The advantages of working with Executive Compass

  • Our team will work alongside your existing resource to ensure the solution not only fits your business but adds value in the process.
  • You will receive an honest and open assessment of your needs with support provided only where the need exists.
  • Quality control is fundamental in all that we do. All work we undertake on your behalf will be internally checked and verified by a member of our experienced team.
  • You will retain the skills, knowledge and understanding to continue to manage systems once our engagement is complete.

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